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Love box with ceramic espresso cup with a heart and tealights

Love box with ceramic espresso cup with a heart and tealights

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the scent of a tealights

Love box

Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season? Look no further than our hand-poured soy wax candle set! Made with natural soy wax. Plus, it makes a great gift for Christmas, your birthday, or any other special occasion! So why wait? Ship today and enjoy the holidays stress-free!
Perfect as a gift for a teacher, mother, or best friend.
At check out, you can also write a customized gift message and get your gift beautifully wrapped in wrapping paper and finished off with a gorgeous bow.

The gift box contains :

1x ceramic cup with heart ornament 120ml
1x ceramic tealig holder
3x tealights

All of my candles are eco-friendly! I make my products in small, fresh batches with plant-based ingredients and carefully package them with eco-friendly materials.
Every candle is handmade and is different; there are never two of the same kind.
After burning, you can reuse the ceramic cup/mug container; wash it hot with a bit of detergent and hot water.
It's reusable, recyclable, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Why natural wax?
Both Soy and rapeseed wax are a natural product that has these general properties:
Non-Toxic - meaning that the wax is not poisonous.
All candles are made of 100% soybean oil or rapeseed oil.
Clean-burning fuel source - meaning Soy and rapeseed wax meets several requirements under federal regulations that classify it as clean-burning.

Instractions :
Rule of thumb: Burn one hour for every inch of your candle's diameter. Trimming the candlewick is very important. Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4" and centred. Burn candles on a protective, heat-resistant surface, away from drafts, children, and pets.

Please remember

Never leave candles unattended and always keep them away from flammable materials, children, and animals
Always let candles burn until the entire surface becomes molten. This increases burn time and prevent tunnelling (the appearance of an outer ring of hard wax that won’t burn, creating an uneven surface)
Trim candlewicks regularly (to 6mm) to remove black soot and achieve the longest, cleanest burn possible
Keep pools of molten wax free of debris such as match ends and wick trimmings
To prevent dripping, keep candles away from excessive drafts and extinguish pillar candles when the wax pool reaches the edge
To protect your candle vessel, never burn the last centimetre of wax, and remember to handle candle containers with care as they can become very hot
Don’t burn candles for more than four hours as wicks can begin to form a ‘mushroom’
Use a candle snuffer to extinguish candles and ensure that wicks stay centred
If smoking occurs, blow the candle out, trim the wick(s), and relight
Don’t place pillar candles directly onto the furniture. Always use a heat-resistant plate to protect surfaces
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