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Kuzu Arte | Ceramics inspired by nature I Art workshop's

Ceramic workshop in English

Ceramic workshop in English

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About our workshops.

Ceramics, clay, or imagination and hand work. If you are a lover of crafts, manual activities, art and the idea of ​​slow-life, our workshops are the perfect proposition for you. Here you have the opportunity to develop your inventiveness, sensitivity, create and implement your ideas in a positive atmosphere. You have the opportunity to see how wonderful it is to work with clay, textures, colors and the satisfaction with its effects in the form of beautiful dishes you create. The added value is, of course, the people you will meet here - with an artistic flair, who, like you, want to spend time in a creative and at the same time productive way.

Nowadays, it is said that ceramics is the new yoga, and this is not an unfounded comparison. It is a patience training, an opportunity to stop for your body and mind, a state of relaxation and concentration at the same time. Clay is a material that releases tension, restores peace, and gives the joy of creation - it puts some people into a state of meditation, others euphoria.

See for yourself how interesting this field is - when you can combine beauty with applied art, create something decorative and practical at the same time. Drink your favorite coffee from a mug that you make with your own hands, which cannot be bought in any store and which is an exact copy of your own idea. Unique!

Let's not forget that it's simply a lot of good fun and simply a pleasant time, where you can let your imagination run wild and have fun! So come and check it out, break away from too many responsibilities, your busy schedule and often stressful everyday life.

Enough theory – find out how it translates into practice. Our first meeting will introduce you to the process of creating a vessel from start to finish, giving you specific tips and you will learn at least two techniques for working with clay. We will start with basic gluing methods so that you can implement your idea without any problems. The first class is primarily about checking how clay reacts to touch, how it yields to pressure, and you will learn about its elasticity and brittleness. The second workshop is the technique of applying glaze to an already fired vessel - because it takes much less time than gluing, you start another project during the same classes. And now we come to the finale, the second firing - after another week you receive your completely finished work!

Some organizational and technical matters:

The workshops last two hours, are conducted in English or polish and their one-time cost is EUR 40€+ Vat 

You can make a reservation via the website:

Our workshops are for everyone - from amateurs who feel insecure with clay and need detailed instructions, to advanced people who want to refresh and supplement their knowledge.

I fire all the works twice - first the raw bisquit clay at a temperature of approx. 850°C, and then the glazed works - at a temperature of approx. 1050°C (glazes at this temperature have a wide range of colors and are fully usable). I store your works for up to 6 weeks, so you must plan to collect them within this time.

I encourage you to contact me and follow me online:

IG: @kuzuarte

FB: kuzuarte

To stay up to date, join the Facebook group, where I post all important information:

Kuzu Arte 

Augsburgerstraße 19 82291 Mammendorf


WhatsApp +49 15166501243

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