Discover the Art of Screen Printing: A Hands-On Workshop Experience

Screen printing workshop

Screen printing, also known as serigraphy, is a versatile workshop technique that empowers you to craft your own unique creations with relative ease. Whether you're looking to print on paper, customize a tote bag, or design your own T-shirt, our workshops provide a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to this accessible art form.

Join us for an immersive screen printing workshop, a session designed to bring you up close and personal with the craft. It's more than just an instructional course; it's a tactile experience where you will be actively involved in bringing your vision to life.From start to finish, you'll be engaged in the entire screen printing process: preparing your artwork for the screen, exposing the stencil and finally, pulling the squeegee yourself to print your graphics.

*Our full workshop spans approximately 5-6 hours and covers  the screen printing process from A to Z.The cost is €120 + VAT per participant, and it promises to be a rewarding investment in your creative skills.*For those short on time or focused solely on the printing aspect, we offer a condensed session lasting about 2.5 hours, with a price of €50 + VAT per person.

We understand that everyone has unique schedules, which is why we offer flexible dates for our workshops.These sessions are perfect for corporate team-building, educational school activities, or simply as a unique, creative outing. We can accommodate weekday or weekend workshops, with options for both morning and evening sessions.

Considering a screen printing workshop as a gift?

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