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Pottery workshops

Ceramic workshops

It is an open ceramic studio, it is a place where your creativity can flourish without any restrictions.
Here you can freely experiment with clay, shaping it according to your ideas and inspirations. There is no framework or imposed themes - you decide what you want to create. Using the available tools and raw materials, any visualized project can become a reality.

My open ceramic studio is not only a space to work, but also a place to meet and exchange experiences with other ceramic enthusiasts, which further inspires and supports the creative process.

Unleash your creativity at my ceramic workshops, a place where you can pursue your passion and find respite from every day life. Create high quality ceramics, exploring a variety of textures and colors. Experience simultaneous relaxation and concentration as you bring your unique ideas to life in a creative environment. Meet like-minded enthusiasts who share your interest in working with clay, creating a space to grow together artistically. Join us to experience therapeutic relaxation and discover the fascinating world of ceramics, where art meets functionality.

Pottery workshops - for who?

The workshop is designed for people of all skill levels. Regardless of experience, each participant will gain knowledge of the various types of clay, creation techniques, tools used and decorative techniques. The works that are created in class are fired on site after the workshop. Each participant takes their work home after firing and decorating at that time (minimum of 3 meetings, more information below). You can join the workshop at any time.

Sample class schedule

If you are an amateur and you haven't worked with clay befor , then at the first workshop I will show you 2-3 techniques of working with clay. You will make a one-piece from each of these techniques to see in practice how to work with clay.
At the next workshop we start new projects and proceed to glaze previously fired ceramics. I am happy to be the part of this process!
If you only want to come to one class, it is possible. I can finish the work and send it to you.
The cost is 15€+vat per piece + shipping costs.

Pottery making process

First, an object is molded from clay and then left to dry for 7-12 days. Then the item is fired in a kiln at about 850°C for 48 hours, which allows it to achieve durability and strength. After firing, the object is ready for glazing, that is, covering it with a special layer of glaze, which gives it color and shine. After the glaze is applied, the item is again put into the kiln, where it is fired for another 24 hours so that the glaze can become well established. After this process, the product is ready for use.

Basic information

Price: 35 Euro +vat/ 1 class
Duration: 2h
The workshop is conducted in Polish and English-speaking groups.
Address: Augsburger Str 19, 82291 Mammendorf.

For detailed information or any inquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch:

WhatsApp: +49 15166501243

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