About me

Hello, my name is Zofia

I am the founder and proud owner of KUZU ARTE, which I established in 2019. My passion has always been to create stunning, handcrafted items, and
now, as a ceramic artist, I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world through the beautiful pieces I craft.

I hold three degrees in ceramics and have dedicated myself to being a full-time ceramic artist. In addition to creating my own work, I conduct ceramic and art workshops tailored for both companies and schools. We also host bi-weekly ceramic workshops in our studio, inviting enthusiasts to explore the art of pottery.

My educational background includes completing a course that earned me a teaching diploma in pottery wheel techniques, as well as a separate course
specializing in ceramic mosaics. Last summer, I expanded my expertise by undergoing training in alternative firing methods, such as raku and pit

Furthermore, I am a certified instructor in the traditional art of Batik making, which adds to the range of skills and knowledge I bring to my workshops
and my art.

At KUZU ARTE, we are passionate about sharing the joy of ceramics and fostering creativity within the community. I look forward to continuing this journey and inviting more people to discover the magic of handmade art.

Let's start an extraordinary ceramic journey with me!

If you have any questions about my products or want to create something unique and non-standard during ceramics workshops, please contact me.

In my online ceramics store, I not only provide unique products, but also build a community of enthusiasts of handmade works of art. Appreciating your individuality and uniqueness, I want to be close to you at every stage of your ceramic journey. We invite you to share your dreams and ideas. I want to know how I can make your home even more beautiful and unique. I am open to special orders that will meet even the most sophisticated expectations. In my offer you will find not only ready-made products, but also the possibility of adapting them to your personal preferences.

Stay in touch with me! Whether you need advice on choosing ceramics or want to tell me about your ceramic experience. Your inquiries are my priority, so I ensure a quick response to all emails. Thank you for being part of my ceramic family!



Thank you for supporting my dream and helping me make a difference, one handmade gift at a time.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,” said Picasso.