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Breakfast bowl - mushroom

Breakfast bowl - mushroom

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Experience the Splendor of Nature with Our Handcrafted Ceramic Bowl

Elevate your daily rituals with our exquisite handmade ceramic bowl, ideal for savouring your favourite morning oatmeal or presenting a vibrant salad at lunchtime. Each bowl is a labour of love, individually shaped and detailed by my hands, ensuring that you receive a piece that is as singular as it is functional. Drawing inspiration from the serene forms and hues of the natural world, our bowl is adorned with a delightful mushroom motif, infusing an element of enchantment into your dining ambience.

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Our ceramic bowl is not merely a vessel for food but a thoughtful expression of artistry, making it an impeccable gift or a splendid addition to your homeware treasures. Embrace the subtle imperfections that hallmark its handmade origins, such as gentle asymmetry, tiny glaze pinholes, or entrapped bubbles—these nuances contribute to its distinctive character.

Please note the unglazed base of the bowl, which has a tactile roughness. Handle with care on delicate surfaces to prevent scratches.

Ideal for many occasions—be it birthdays, Valentine's Day, holiday decor, wedding favours, or as an ornamental accent for your home and garden—this bowl is as versatile as it is charming. It brings rustic elegance to any setting, Whether used for a hearty soup, a refreshing salad, or simply as a decorative centrepiece.

Crafted from clay and fired in my workshop, these mushroom-themed rustic ceramic bowls boast a natural, earthy beige tone with speckles. The interior is lovingly glazed, creating a delightful contrast with the raw, unglazed exterior and emphasizing the bowl's artisanal allure.


Color: Sage green, driftwood, malachite green

Dimensions (approximate)

Height: 6.5 centimeters
Width: 14 centimetres

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