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Ceramic espresso cup with a heart

Ceramic espresso cup with a heart

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Ceramic espresso cup with a heart - an ideal gift for Valentine's Day!

Enjoy aromatic espresso with your loved one using this elegant ceramic espresso cup featuring a romantic heart motif. The product is characterized by high-quality craftsmanship, as it is manually formed from high-grade clay, undergoes a firing process in the kiln, and is meticulously finished with a durable glaze. This unique ceramic not only highlights the natural beauty of the cup but also makes every morning special. The Valentine's collection is a perfect solution to add charm to your coffee moments.

Thanks to carefully designed patterns and precise attention to detail, this ceramic addition with a romantic heart becomes an extraordinary and unique gift that will be used for many years. We offer products that not only captivate with aesthetics but also boast durability, providing unforgettable moments.

Product Details

The espresso cup with a heart motif is crafted through a manual process, preserving its individuality with subtle differences such as irregularities, small glass holes, or delicate bubbles. These elements add a distinctive charm associated with handcrafted production.

The cup is made using clay, carefully fired in my workshop, and finished with glaze. This product is food-safe and suitable for beverages at elevated temperatures. Furthermore, the espresso cup is practical as it can be safely washed in the dishwasher.


Ceramic espresso cup with a heart: 80ml or 120ml (without a saucer for the cup)


Color: cappuccino or blue


Your ceramic piece will be packaged in materials made from recycling. Before being sent to its new home, it is carefully wrapped in tissue.

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