Question’s about workshop’s

How long does the ceramic workshop last?

The workshop lasts for 2 hours.

What is the cost of the ceramic workshop?

The cost is 35€ + VAT tax.

What is included in the workshop fee?

The workshop fee includes all needed materials, including clay and a firing.

Will I be able to take home the ceramicpieces I create?

Yes, you will be able to take home the ceramic pieces you create after they have been fired twice and glazed. It takes 2 separate workshops for a piece to be finished.

Can I book the workshop for a private eventor party?

Yes, the workshop can be booked for private events or parties. Please contact us for more information.

Is the workshop suitable for beginners?

Yes, the workshop is suitable for beginners with no prior experience in ceramics.

Can I purchase additional materials to takehome with me?

Yes, additional materials may be available for purchase after the workshop.

Can I cancel or reschedule my workshop booking?

Cancellation and rescheduling policies may vary. Please refer to the terms and conditions when making a booking.

Is there parking available near theworkshop location?

Yes, big Parking lot available behind the house.

Are refreshments provided during theworkshop?

Yes, there’s always water, tea, and coffee.

On Wednesday’s workshop’s there’s some finger food platter.


Questions about candle’s

What are eco-friendly candles?

Eco-friendly candles are made from sustainable and renewable materials, and they are designed to minimize their
impact on the environment.

What is soy & rapeseed wax and why isit used in candles?

Soy & rapeseed wax is a natural,
renewable resource. It is used in candles because it burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin wax.

What does zero waste mean in relation tocandles?

Zero waste candles are designed to produce minimal or no waste during their production, use, and disposal, helping to reduce environmental impact.

Can reusable candles help reduce waste?

Yes, reusable candles can help reduce waste by allowing the container to be reused once the candle has burned down.

How long do eco-friendly candles typicallyburn for?

Eco-friendly candles, particularly those made from soy wax, often have a long-lasting burn time, typically ranging from
30 to 50 hours or more.

Do our candles overpower the room withscent?

No, our candles are often designed to provide a subtle and pleasant scent that does not overpower the room.

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Are there any health benefits to usingeco-friendly candles?

Eco-friendly candles, particularly those
made from natural ingredients, may produce fewer toxins when burned, resulting
in better indoor air quality.

Are there any safety considerations whenusing eco-friendly candles?

Just like with any candles, it’s important to follow safety guidelines such as keeping the candle away from flammable
materials and never leaving it unattended while lit.


Questions about Ceramics

Are all the ceramics handmade?

Yes, all ceramics are handcrafted with
care and attention to detail.

What temperature are the ceramics firedat?

The ceramics are fired at a high
temperature of 1250°C to ensure durability and strength.

Is the handmade ceramic food safe?

Yes, the handmade ceramic is food safe,
so you can use it with confidence.

Can the handmade ceramic be used in thedishwasher?

Yes, the handmade ceramic is dishwasher
safe for your convenience.

What type of glaze is used on thehandmade ceramic?

We use lead-free and non-toxic glazes to
ensure the safety of our products.

Are the ceramics suitable for use in themicrowave?

Yes, the ceramics are microwave safe,
making them versatile for everyday use.

How should I care for my handmadeceramic?

Hand wash or use the dishwasher for cleaning
and avoid sudden temperature changes to prolong its lifespan.

Can I use the handmade ceramic forserving hot food?

A: Yes, the handmade ceramic is designed to
withstand hot temperatures, making it suitable for serving hot dishes.

Are there any specific care instructionsfor the handmade ceramic?

Avoid using abrasive materials when
cleaning, and handle with care to prevent chipping or breakage.

Can I use the handmade ceramic fordecorative purposes only?

While the ceramics are suitable for decorative use, they are also functional and safe for everyday use.

Are the handmade ceramics suitable foroutdoor use?

The ceramics are best suited for indoor use, as exposure to extreme weather conditions may affect their longevity.


Questions about shipping

How long does shipping within the EU typically take?

Shipping within the EU usually takes around 4-7 days.

What is the estimated shipping time forinternational shipments to the USA?

International shipments to the USA typically take around 14 days.

What kind of packing materials are used inshipping?

We use eco-friendly packing materials that focus on the principles of reuse, reduce, and recycle.

How does the company ensure eco-friendlyshipping practices?

Our shipping practices prioritize
eco-friendly solutions, such as using recycled materials and minimizing waste through the principles of reuse, reduce, and recycle.

Can customers track their shipments duringthe shipping process?

Yes, customers can track their shipments to stay informed about the delivery status and estimated arrival time.