~I am no longer afraid of becoming lost, because the journey back always reveals something new. ~  Billy Joel

Welcome to my world

To whoever is out there...
I’m not a writer, more of an artist with dreams. But writing a blog has been on my mind for some time now.
I always say that I’m like a balloon filled with helium. When I get too high in the sky someone needs to pull the string back down, but not too much!
Sophie is my name, 35 years young and, like a lot of us, still not sure what to do with my life.
I’m a mother of two teenagers and three cats.
My partner Chris and I have decided 4 years ago to leave Poland behind and start our new adventure abroad on the outskirts of Munich - in the beautiful countryside.
What’s the blog going to be about? I have quite a lot of interests but most likely it will cover some of the below areas:
- Art
- Craftwork
- Gardening
- Cooking with natural herbs
- Sustainable DIY projects
- Renovations (saving old furniture and bringing it back to life)
So, it will be creative and maybe invite you to do or try some of the things I do with me.
I’ve been a beautician since I was 17, enjoyed it, but always wanted to explore my Artistic Nature.
After our move to Munich, I started painting again with some surprising success. I’m not a David Hockney or a Jackson Pollock but still, my paintings sold well – giving me much joy and confidence. I even managed a sell-out at an exhibition over 5 days in Munich. What a personal success for me and a defying moment in my life.
So I began thinking (“helium balloon moment”), about what I could do that involves art and creative DIY projects. The answer came to me as I drifted high on my balloon in 2019 to start selling handmade, eco-friendly, sustainable and zero-waste products. I started experimenting with various types of wax to create an eclectic range of candles which ultimately became my “Raison d’etre”. Soon after, I opened my online shop, HOMEMADEGIFTSHOP.Com, and participated in market fairs at various Munich events. Never in my wildest dreams - and there have been quite a few thanks to those “helium balloon moments “ - did I ever imagine the success that was to follow.
Thanks to many people along the way, I’m finally doing something that makes me, me! I’m so grateful for the support and help along the way. You know who I’m talking about. XOXO!
On this note stay tuned for the next chapter...
~I am no longer afraid of becoming lost because the journey back always reveals something new. ~
Billy Joel



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